What does your drawing process look like?
My process for me, is like a meditative state. I am in love with literally every step of the process. I begin with researching my concept/muse/idea to get a better understanding of it’s background which allows me to add extra elements and hidden details that hold specific meaning to the subject. From there I build my reference, this helps to give me an idea of what the finished piece will look like.

I then move onto drawing. I work from a reference and drop in meditative zone, which is my happiest place to be. Once the drawing is completed I will scan the artwork in, clean it up and nowadays most likely colour the artwork.

What tools do you use?
I like to keep it all pretty simple. I work with mechanical pencils (pacers) and graphite pencils and a mix of 2B and 4B leads which helps with contrasting areas of tone. I love creating on high quality paper and switch between Arches Hot Pressed Watercolour paper and Fabriano Hot Pressed Watercolour paper. I use a kneadable eraser as well as a fine Mono Zero eraser. For blending, I use paper stumps in a variety of sizes. With my digital work, I use a Wacom Cintiq 24 Inch and work primarily on Photoshop.  

How can I contact you?
Either via my contact page, my email - hello@lusidart.com or by Facebook and/or Instagram comments and messages.

What services do you offer?
As a creative with a personal nature and research based process, my services spread across;

  • Editorial illustration

  • Product illustration and packaging

  • Zodiac illustration

  • Product customisation

  • Live art

  • Capsule collections

  • Cover art for publications and musicians

  • Curation

How much does it cost?
Every project is different - once we talk about your needs and ideas it will better help me determine the scope of the project. Price is also dependent on a number of variables including usage of artwork and number of illustrations needed.

How long does it take you to finish a piece?
I do my best to work within the arranged timeline however for one artwork it can take me 5 hours all the way to a few days depending on the subject and detail. Ontop of that is also building the reference and the finishing details.

How can I use your artwork?
I love pushing the boundaries of where my artwork can be seen and enjoyed - Projects can range from print and web based, to in store and large scale murals. That being said, please ask for permission for the use of any of my artworks.

Purchasing or Ordering Artwork

Do you create commissioned/custom artwork?
I do take on selected commissions. Outside of commercial projects I also take on a select amount of private commissions, with a love for connection, I specialise in engagement and wedding illustrations.

What’s the difference between your interior range and limited edition range?
My limited edition range is a selection of artworks created to be hand finished and very limited, to only 5 of each print. These prints are from $300, as you will be one of only 5 people to own this artwork.

My interior range is still limited, however I have larger print runs and a variety of sizes available, with prints being available from $49.

Do you sell your originals?
I do have select originals available to purchase - keep in mind with my work being across analogue and digital, the original may differ from the final product.

Can I have a custom-sized print made?
If the size of the artwork you want is not available please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with the name or photo of the work and the measurements you would like. 

How do I care for my artwork
When receiving your artwork, it's recommended to keep your art in the plastic protective sleeve until framing to avoid marks and finger prints. If you're receiving artwork in a tube, let the artwork unroll naturally and then lay the artwork face down with weights ontop. Do not roll the artworks as they could bend and crease.

Shipping & Returns

Where do you ship to and how long will it take?
I ship wherever possible - I have previously sent works to USA, UK, Norway, Mexico, NZ, and EU, if you are unsure before purchasing, just email me and I will confirm for you. Please keep in mind the cost for international postage is roughly around $25 AUD, and there’s nothing I can personally do it change that.

Do you accept returns?
Please choose very carefully as I don’t except returns - unless the artwork has been damaged in transit (please contact me if so).

Can I track my order?
I have been known to track my order with excitement and bated breathe. That being the case, once artworks are sent you will receive an email of confirmation and tracking.

What should I expect buying an art print or commission?
All pieces are printed on stunning fine art paper. Orders are packed and sent with care. A4 - A3’s are sent flat protected in plastic sleeves and rigid cardboard, and A2+ are sent in tissue paper and protective mailing tube. All items sent are also tracked and are “sign on delivery”. 

What to expect when receiving that artworks - that’s for you to find out…