Create With Lusid Art

As an illustrator I work with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands and organisation to conceptualise and create unique campaigns, activations, live art and customisation. 

The Process

With every client comes different ideas and goals, so my creation process is tailored to your needs.
OBJECTIVE: Each project begins with understanding your objective and end goal
BRIEF: From here we look at exactly how the final product and begin conceptualising elements to create a cohesive campaign across all facets and stages.
CREATION: I work my magic, creating illustrations aligned with your brand
TRANSFORMATION & EXECUTION: Artwork and assets are delivered and transformed into a complete multi-platform campaign, to work seamlessly across all platforms.


Myth milk blush.jpg

Packaging and promotional materials
Product illustrations
Package design
Promotional assets


Brand campaign development and activation
Live drawing
Product customisation
Capsule collections


Community and advocacy
Networking/speaking events


Product collaborations
Social media
Artwork collaborations


Bee Shapiro, Founder of Ellis Brooklyn

Finding someone to collaborate with and trust with your brand is not the easiest thing when the company is your baby. Alex not only had an amazing discerning eye but she was a true collaborator in that we  discussed what the outcomes may be and she was open to having creative direction be a two way street. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that she is also terrifically talented! Her work was detailed, gorgeous and even more stunning in person.

Carl Stefanos - Ironlak

On the occasions we have worked with Alex she has been fantastic. Her artwork is bold and unapologetic yet delicate in ways that can only be attributed to a pure passion and dedication to her craft. Alex is a true professional, timely, and a well-rounded good human.