Welcome to the Jungle

I have finally (FINALLY) finished my Frida inspired piece. This piece was the perfect example of progress and learning. Not only did I start this piece entirely different but had 2 attempts before completely scrapping it and rebuilding until it felt right. I couldn't let creating this piece go after researching Frida, I decided not to take the defeated route and rework the inspiration.

Like most pieces I do, I took the time to really learn about Frida and listen to some inspiration before going full ball in this project - which shaped the way I constructed the 2nd attempt. Both pieces I found to represent Frida - the first being more of passion and embrace, the final being of power and strength, also sitting perfectly with the final touch of hand embellished line work - something I experimented with along the way. This piece comes with a transparent overlay adding a new layer of detail with palms, butterflies and a chest brace - both butterflies and her brace featuring in Frida's lifetime.

Frida was incredibly rebellious for her time, after a horrendous accident she lost her first love, was bed ridden but began to paint and amazingly learnt to walk again. Her life was a rollercoaster, from numerous surgeries, romance and heartbreak from her soul mate, loss of her baby and dealing with her injuries for her whole life - Frida remains to be a beaming example of pushing through with passion for creativity, and turning trauma into opportunities. I hope you see the power in this piece as much as you I have see it through learning about Frida Kahlo.

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