2017 Horoscope Series | Virgo

As the series goes on - so does my reaching contentment, almost every month in this series has come with new reward. For those who saw the sneak peak of Virgo, you may know this contains one of my favourite pieces to date - IRIS. To put it simply - Virgo is the series of icons.

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August 23 - September 22
Iris / Beyonce / Freddie

I wanted the simplicity of this series to speak for itself and honor the iconic subjects - their nature, stature and works speak for themselves, all unapologetic in their own way breaking boundaries in their generation and leaving an impact larger than life. Freddie** - Changing music and sexuality as we knew it. Iris - To this day remains one of New York and the worlds biggest style icons. Beyonce - Forever shattering her own ceiling, pushing her own limits everyday and showcasing her life as a body of work like the world as never seen before.

Iris / Beyonce / Freddie - Pioneers, rule breakers, ground shakers. I C O N S.

** Bohemian Rhapsody is my all time favourite song. Enjoy x