The Poppy Project

To start this year I had planned to do a piece based on one of my favourite brands; the colour and style of Poppy Lissiman struck a cord with me straight away. For those of you who haven’t discovered Poppy Lissiman yet, and wondering where I got the inspiration for my rainbow shrine, Poppy Lissiman is a colourful, witty, rebellious flavoured accessories brand, founded by - colourful, witty and rebellious - Perth designer Poppy Lissiman (I had to take a moment when I realised that was her actual name). 

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.07.28 PM.png

This was initially a “piece” I planned on creating by mixing my normal pencil detail with new digi elements that I had been itching to test out, such as adding colour and textures. However over the 2 months creating, this piece gradually spiralled into my most rewarding project to date. The Poppy Project. As always starting a piece, I built my reference digitally and then illustrated my muse (Sonya Esman), in my favourite style - detailed. From there I scanned it in and began the next, much larger step - adding colour, texture and depth to the entirety of the piece, as well as constructing almost all of the clutches purely in photoshop. Every part of this piece was carefully thought out and inspired by not only Poppy Lissiman (brand and persona), but also some of my favourite illustrators and their techniques and styles.

By the end of February, I had created my first mixed media collage - including as many Poppy Lissiman pieces as I could fit, glitter, leather texture, stitching, my first attempt at snakes, chopped limbs, a sneaky homage to Hattie Stewart and a flower arrangement - including none other than poppies.  I realised I had also succeeded at creating how I see it, an illustrative optical illusion. By the end of the project I had found myself in love, knowing that I will be the only one to know entirely what has and hasn’t been created from start to finish by me.

This piece was inspired by the inverted and upside down nature of what Poppy Lissiman has created and has been made by me, for you to be lost in the layers and find your way back home through the details…It’s what (my) dreams are made of.  

Enjoy...  A