2017 Horoscope Series | Taurus

In creating this series I've found every month brings a completely new piece. Each and every muse(s) bring a totally new influence and life to their piece. Taurus was inspired by my good friend and muse, also the previous muse for Hotel Cali - I loved so much creating this, it was a piece of wonder, inspiration (inspired by Esra Roise) and experiment. Layers upon layers and puzzling created this piece by my love Lor who has bought so much love into my life in such a short time. This piece breathes devotion, space, wonder and the bigger picture in life.


April 20 - May 20
- Lor - 

In the last year I've shared and created memories upon memories with this loving human, It's made my soul more sensitive, more passionate and colourful. This piece was created with thought, experimenting, cutouts, layers and trust in the process, also inspired by one of my creative idols. Traits of a Taurus include - Reliability, patience, practicality, stability and devotion, in the process of creating a piece to capture the true spirit of my friend, the piece took on the role of reliability and patience, something I never noticed in a piece before. I tested and played, made mistakes and in that time a piece of wonder came together. The depths and height of this piece match everything I have found in my friendship with Lor, a ver personal piece.

Thank you Lor, Enjoy x
Prints available via Shop, enjoy x