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2017 Horoscope Series | Aries

Next up we have Aries - featuring two present and past legends, Lady Gaga and Heath Ledger. This was a piece very close to my heart (more than most) and something that will come up during this series for the year with a few others.. I had a very strange encounter with Ledgers passing and hit me very hard. This is piece is inspired by the fire in both Gaga and Ledger - it's speaks to rebellion, passion and their very raw, unapologetic personalities.

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2017 Horoscope Series | Pisces

Beyond excited to finally show you this next piece - mainly because it's completely inspired by my homegirl Ecca Vandal and starring RiRi. This was a piece celebrating strong women, experimentation and COLOUR. The end result is raw and (I feel) sits perfectly inline with both ladies killing it not only in their industry but specifically their genre.

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