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2017 Horoscope Series | Libra

After a little breaking from the blog due to Praise You - I'm back! And onto the last quarter of star signs and my love for 3D makes it's way back into my work again. After wanting to draw Santigold for sometime, and having a new found love to Gambino (I was late) - I wanted this piece to be for myself and the viewer, rather than the muse. 

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2017 Horoscope Series | Cancer

Wow, I've officially put out half my star sign series... 6 down, 6 to go. If you've been following the series you have probably seen just as much change as I have and this month Cancer was one to show the difference. Although I was excited with the challenge of meshing MIA & Jack White into a piece for Cancer, I was also nervous. This piece became a mix of my core loves of classic pencil pieces, adding detailed elements like the warp to tie them together and my new love for experimenting, imperfections and creating in a different way by trusting the abstract style I'm developing.

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2017 Horoscope Series | Gemini

Five star signs down, seven to go and I'm already certain this is one of the best ideas I've ever had. I decided with this month, instead of talking about how I created this piece - I wanted to shine all of the light on why I created this piece. Something I have based my series off entirely is people who I'm influenced by and these three, have all played a part in adding fuel to that passionate fire of mine.

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