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6 Stages of my drawing challenge/bender (2016 v 2017)

When you set yourself a challenge like, a 30 day or week challenge, I think it’s safe to say the last thing you’re thinking about is “what will I learn from this” rather… “what the f have I gotten myself into”.  At the end of the day, a challenge is a challenge but for anyone looking for some extra work for themselves and to test things out in a less serious way - a challenge is perfect for you. Set yourself a challenge not for perfection, but to grow and learn and surprise yourself with what’s possible and breaking limits. Like the 30 day challenge from last year, my Mercedes Benz Fashion Week challenge was just as incredibly rewarding, if not more. So I thought I’d finally share what I’ve learnt since my last drawing challenge and share the 6 stages of my drawing benders…

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