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2017 Horoscope Series | Leo

There’s no way I could go past my two favourite Leo’s Kelly Thompson and Jasmine Dowling - who also share the same birthday. When I finally found something I loved, almost everything good for me in the universe gravitated in my general direction, and by sheer luck Kelly and Jasmine were in that pull. Over the time I have started putting my work out there, learning the ropes and evolving I have had these two magnificent beauties show me what’s possible and at different stages - does it get any better than that?!

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Welcome to the Jungle

This is a piece that’s been marinating for some time - after hearing Welcome to the Jungle by Tash Sultana I instantly needed to illustrate what I felt from it, soon enough Frida Kahlo was coming to mind. I didn’t have much knowledge of Frida but knew her iconic look, after watching the documentary Frida it really showed her rebellious nature, especially for her generation. She was fiery, against the grain, dark mind fuelled by tragedy and pain. 

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