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Remembering Eddie

It’s amazing how much progress we make on anything we work hard on… 8 years ago today I saw my granddad for the last time, tomorrow would be his birthday and the day after he passed - My granddad played a huge role in my life, and still does. A few years ago I created a piece in memory of him and this year I thought it was time to show him, myself and you how far I’ve come.

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The Never Ending Series - Cj Hendry

I don’t know where this edition of The Never Ending Series went in my mind but Cj Hendry for me was a big part of why I kept going and the way I have. I started watching Cj create through IG as early as her white spray painted objects, when I had the chance to see her talk (which also led me to discovering Jasmine Dowling) I jumped at the chance, and taking in every word she said from how she started to her process and leap - I thought. This is it, this is why I’m going to keep going.

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