The Samantha Wills Edit

If you have had your eyes and ears closed - The last few weeks (for you) has been filled with the surreal events of having the chance to work with longtime inspiration and jewellery designer, Samantha Wills. For me, I have worked on this series for a few months this year and finally showing you all three of the finished works.

A quick run through - if you haven’t seen in my recent posts, Back in 2006 or so I was a passionate jewellery designer myself, by high school I was selling jewellery to my teachers and was very aware of Samantha Wills’ work. As the universe works one passion led to another and I wasn’t happy - through these paths I found drawing which turns out to be - it - . The love for Samantha Wills really did not die down, as our journeys went on I still found myself connected to her story when continuing to make tough calls, such as putting everything I have into my dream job.

I’m always down for a challenge - we know this. So this year I decided to create a series for Samantha Wills inspired by the different women she designs for. 

Mysterious Queen
She knows what you’re searching for, what you need. Her eyes tainted with dark romance, shadows of turquoise and amber - but she catches your eye and pulls you in with the shine of gold.

Strong Empoweress
 She’s the boss, she’s strong, captivating - Holds no prisoners. Never followed any path but her own. She pushes through the struggles, cutting through the negativity with a crystal clear clarity and precision. (featured in Collective Hub issue 35)

Gypsy Leader
She is the perfect balance of free spirit and loving leader - adventure runs through her blood, memories and stories of her journeys cover her sunkissed skin in forms of metals and precious stones.

Whether you’re the hold no bars like the Strong Empoweress, persuade with romantic darkness like the The Mysterious Queen or run free leading others to their hearts content like the Gyspy Leader herself, we all take different forms, love and work differently - we know our limits and learn more of them along the way. 

Photography space / displayed jewellery credit: Emte Boutique Burleigh