Sunny Side Up

Proof is truly in the pudding when people say it matters who you surround yourself with.

This mood board in particular is a visual representation of the side effects/butterfly feelings I got from working with full time creative/rainbow gypsy/mumma bear Tess Guinery. For those of you who have not stumbled across this lady's account - Tess is a dreamer/creator/mastermind/happy go lucky/founder of Lagoon to the Moon/mother bear to Peaches. Whilst working with my guru on how to better represent my work, I had mentioned Tess' style and Kaylene had also put forward contacting her. As I am not exactly one to hold back I did just that, and from there on was lucky enough to work along side Tess herself. 

Something SERIOUSLY clicked in the process - so many ideas came to light, I understood my work and self better and had a new found confidence in sharing my journey. Since then I also had a new lease on really making the effort to connect with other creatives and within a matter of months that decision has truly made a difference.

Excited to show you where this visual smorgasbord will lead, for now - I hope this little write up of real life tells, will help you take that step outside your comfort zone/work desk and reach out to the creatives you watch on the reg - add extra colour to your world.