#dreamjob - Samantha Wills ZODIAC Collection

If you’ve been following me over the last months, you may have seen a cryptic #dreamjob post every so often… I am excited to reveal the full series I created for Samantha Wills final ZODIAC Collection.
Yep, that’s right… D R E A M  J O B.  

Having already created a star sign series last year, being a longtime lover of the brand and Samantha’s personal journey, it is an absolute privilege to have created an entire series for the final leg of the Samantha Wills jewellery brand.

You can find the full ZODIAC Collection here.

As we are in the gift giving season, we are also very excited to share that you have the chance to win one of the original artworks from the series! Head over to Samantha Wills Official Instagram here and click on the Zodiac illustrations for more details

A huge thank you to the beautiful Samantha Wills team, and Samantha herself for inviting me into such a special project. Thank you for trusting me and supporting me for many years and inspiring me for a decade before that. The universe has been listening to me long before I realised and although I’m sure I was meant to create for you, the journey through the unknown has been just as enjoyable as the end result.

Yes, I did tussle with the idea of showing everything at once, but instead, each month I will be sharing each star sign and it’s process. Sign up below to get free downloadables of the series each month too! Coming very soon….



“SAMANTHA WILLS was started when a girl took a chance on her Horoscope. And as the stars re-align, and take Samantha and her brand in a new direction, it’s only right to pay tribute to the stars via a new ZODIAC Collection.”



The ZODIAC Collection was the best brief yet - it challenged me to dig deeper, and push my style the further-est it had been pushed, by stripping it back as much as possibly. Using lines, shapes and negative space, each stripped back artwork represents elements of their star sign characteristics.

Alex Saba