"Salem" is the story of your modern day witch on trial for the black blood running through her veins. Constantly surrounded by black cats she owns her defeat in no such luck.


I almost called this blog post "I Hate Cats" but it felt too honest. I still do - yet I drew them. All for the love of The Culprit Club, and their upcoming group show "No Such Luck". What could be more fitting for me and the thought of bad luck... than cats. Although I have a very clear dislike for cats I wanted to use them and black magic as my main inspiration for the piece. Inspired by some elements from The Black Math and Abbey Watkins - "Salem" tells the tale of your modern day witch, bringing my darker side back to the surface.


Check out "Salem" and the other amazing works by creatives forces such as Mike Watt, Dale Bigeni, Maids and Dizzy Little Dotty, at the upcoming group show "No Such Luck". Presented by The Culprit Club, Friday 13th, October. All works for sale are 1/1 originals - created especially for "No Such Luck".