The Experience

Well! Here we are, finally! 

I’m excited to re introduce you to Lusid Art, as a full experience, created by the new Alex. Shortly after being re-introduced to myself - I found my purpose and clarity in my work for what feels like the first time ever. It was truly like stepping off an edge and landing in an ice bath, it was a total out of body experience. Everything I have done, created, learned and succeeded in up until now has been a part of this relaunch. What you see now is a visual story of my own personal journey. 

When I began creating under Lusid Art in 2012, I was just creating things I hadn’t seen, now, my work and Lusid Art in its entirety has evolved into a full experience. A moment clicked where I realised how important my experience is when creating - from understanding the story, to finding the visuals and the beautiful process of creating, it’s no longer just about the finished product. I am so excited to be able to share a new experience, an incredibly personal one, full of honest visual, audio and written inspiration and stories.

Every part of my being, passion and love for drawing and creating runs through this business. I hope you enjoy not only the new experience but also getting to know the new and realest me yet. 

relaunch_facet TOP.jpg

The Interior Collection

relaunch_facet bottom.jpg

An exciting part of this relaunch has been creating an entirely new range of works, I’m so excited to introduce you to The Facet Interior Range...

By definition: “a particular aspect or feature of something”, The Facet Range is an going collection of works, built on a foundation of my own personal experiences from loss, to finding purpose, dedication and passion. The artworks have been created to adorn walls and fill spaces specific to interior desire however, each piece holds a remarkable amount of meaning and stories within and truly set a new benchmark for what’s ahead for Lusid Art...


- Created to bring an uplifting feel to the space. Inspired by strength and growth.

- Layers of culture, and tradition of an art form. Brings a sense of romance and calm to the environment.

- A piece of warrior energy and determination - the eyes will follow wherever you are in the room

- Dedicated to my WHY, my family, my grandfather. Inspired by monumental moments, and iconography.

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And, enjoy x


Alex Saba