R e f r e s h

At the start of my blog was my first moodboard “Reborn”. I did it because I could see my ideas evolving and my style and skill going with the flow too. This has been a mammoth year already - for opportunities, ideas, relationships and life decisions - all for the better. Which brings me to this months moodboard. Refresh. Let go. Going to greater heights. Clarity. All the big changes in Lusid Art and myself this year have been from a shift in mindset and the best thing that’s happened for me so far, something I also plan on touching more on in future posts.

Refresh is the next chapter. I’ve finally hit the refresh button. I made some big jumps into some boulder waves - quit my job, let go of draining friendships, only focused on what made me happy and continuously kept setting new goals.

So I’ve decided to share a little bit of what’s gotten me there (so far).

Weekly plan: If I don’t know what I’m up to - I circle.

Monthly goals: At this point I know exactly where I want to go - so I’m being aware of what’s possible and breaking that big shit down into smaller goals to get my there in good time.

The people: As mentioned above something I will touch more on later, but having a strong network around you who either; are a fresh set of eyes, have the experience or know you personally to keep in touch with and keep you grounded.

The environment: Clear workspace. Alive plants (trying) and music

Current playlist:
Dreams - Beck
Drinkee - Sofi Tukker 
Bitter Leaf - Lanks
Anything James Blake, Everything Everything, MS MR, The Avalanches, The Internet, BADBADNOTGOOD, Santigold, Kendrick Lamar
Black Dignity - Sampa The Great
Indian Summer - Jai Wolf

The resources: Currently for me, Books. 
How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
Overcoming Under Earning - Barbara Stanny.

So far what I’ve read (not enough) has made a huge impact on me. When I’m not drawing. I’m figuring my shit out - these books have been recommended to me by my life saver Startup Creative (which brings me to my next essential…)

Investing - One of the best investments I’ve made so far is investing in professional help (not as crazy as it sounds) - I reached out and somehow stumbled across Kaylene from Startup Creative and have had the privilege to work along side her for the past (almost) year. I can honestly say I have come leaps and bounds with my mindset and plans which has in turn affected EVERYTHING. If you feel a big wave coming up, like I did - or need that extra kick and insight - find more about her here.

I hope this has been some fresh ideas for a few of you on the same path. I know I’m not the only one out there and there are a lot of you ahead or coming up to this refresh - enjoy it. Enjoy the clarity. Try and take a moment to see what you are actually achieving.

I have no idea what the chapters are head are and what they’ll involve - stick around to see. A x