For the majority of 2015 I was listening to an extremely passionate singer/songwriter from Atlanta by the name of Raury. I had discovered Raury on stage at Laneway 2015 and was blown away. He was nothing short of a rockstar, when the time came and I had found the perfect picture of him, I knew I had to draw him.

I wanted to create a piece that reflected not only detail and personality, but a story to complement his album Indigo Child, and represent his energy and exploding passion fuelled by stories and wisdom years beyond his age. In the end I tied together a photo of the man himself, the lyrics to Seven Suns and some tie dye patterns, which would all be altered digitally in the end.

As I had not drawn males very often it was a nice change of pace and another chance to test out drawing tie dye. The result of mixing the different elements of patterns and type with a strong face has easily become one of my favourite pieces of last year.

This piece will sit perfectly in the space of a dreamer, lover of Raury and of someone born in the wrong era.