The progress vs production

You know when you take on that much work and you realise you’re possibly not giving everything you do your all? I think I just got to that point for the first time recently - Do these times happen more than once? Every so often I’ve heard my creative mates say "I took on too much work, "I wasn't happy with it". And on the other side of the scale - "I can’t take that on, I want to give it 100% of my focus" (now I can see, it’s probably because they’ve been through one of these waves.)

After realising where I've gotten myself to with excessive/unnecessary workload, I thought about why that happened and what I've been working on the last year+ with my coach to steer me away/over these obstacles. Having this come up also helped me realise that it was time to remember how it all began. It wasn't for anyone else but myself, and sharing my work just became apart of it - but was not my WHY and below are a few things that helped in the process - (Law and Order voice over, Dun Dun) These are my thoughts.

1. Ask yourself 

What do I WANT to do? (compared to what am I doing right now) Where am I at? And is it helping me get to where I want to be? How far away am I from where I want to be? It’s so easy to get caught up in the requests, the following up/admin and showing progress off on social media you get to this point and realise - Uh!? No, not right.

 2. Step back

It’s ok to not draw/create or show you’re drawing/creating every minute - I used to feel that way when I was working and studying. But when you’re conscious about it, it’s not as fun, right? You 've given yourself and your passion that pressure. Take some time - take a weekend to do something that doesn’t include what you’re ALWAYS thinking about, simmer down and respect why you started.

3. Start again

You’re probably not starting at square one (although it may feel that way, as it did for me), you’re more than likely at square 25 and want to backtrack back to 15 or less. I took it as a positive, I took a weekend off, rewired myself and thought about what I WANTED to create. Write shit down, build pieces, dive into a pool of inspiration. Surround yourself with why you started - For me, I started for the love of creating something I hadn’t seen and for the most part that’s remained. It was recognising that it was too much of other things I didn’t want in there, like “pumping out work” that made me realise where I was headed wasn't going to help me obtain my end goal like other, more well thought out pieces/projects would.

4. Enjoy it

I think because of social media playing such a big role now, it's becoming so much more transparent when you're creating for the world rather than solely for yourself.

You started this for a reason and if you're in a similar space to me, it wasn't for instagram, that wasn't even a consideration at the start. Stay in that, enjoy your process from ideas, creating, learning and finishing the pieces. Enjoy the process and your own contentment with it rather than the reaction from the rest of the world - just because they are a part of it doesn’t mean they are because of it.

Remember why you started...

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