Real Talk: Part 1 - Praise You

As you may know now what started off as an idea from a photo on Pinterest, snowballed into the biggest (and most rewarding) project I’ve ever undertaken - Praise You. With the help of an amazing amount of creatives and business support, Praise You came to life as one of Australia’s largest female art shows supporting positive body image and female support in the creative community AND RAISING $6720 for The Butterfly Foundation! Through this amazing rewarding/result, there was many lessons learnt and hurdles along the way…


Putting yourself out there

I learned very quickly that I would have to put myself and believe in the cause out there through every step of the way from working with the venue/team at aMBUSH, to inviting artists and the biggest part for me - inviting sponsors to come on board. Holy shit. There was not one time where I felt at ease introducing myself and saying my spiel in the hope to work with a business, no matter how many times I “perfected” my pitch. Putting yourself out there 100% means not just believing in your cause but having CONFIDENCE in yourself and your delivery. 

Letting things go / Control

Coming from a very regimented and organised person (I am literally described by my friends as organised) it took a lot of me to finally trust in the process and start letting control go. By the night of the event, I had fairly easily ridden the wave of letting go and have let it ripple into my business - we come across those in work/life who have zero planning and live day to day and others that thrive on a 5 year plan, however I’ve learnt in my own practice, there’s only so much that can be planned and controlled and much more needs to be let go of in order to create room for own peace of mind, happiness and even success that you hadn’t planned


“What you focus on expands”, a quote I’ve heard a million times over in life already but is incredibly true - it’s amazing to see the result of what can happen when you focus all your energy into one thing - this went two ways for me. Yes, the result of Praise You was second to none, but it meant that I let most of my own business take the back seat for over half the year and yes, income and probably room for opportunities went down (no regrets still). When tackling a project as big as Praise You I definitely did not consider the full affect of what would happen as I felt such a strong pull to the idea, however, next time it’s something I would now know to consider, if it’s A. going to be something that you need to sacrifice other large parts of yourself for and B. if it’s worth it.


Week by week and step by step - the more action I took and people I spoke with, the more real Praise You became - Apart from times of overwhelm and lack of confidence, there wasn’t a large amount of questioning whether I should keep going. There were periods where certain things like venue, and financial support could’ve been the difference between going ahead or cancelling - but once I had committed to the girls (more so than the charity at the start) I couldn’t let myself back down, even if that meant making the event happen through my own spend (which, yes, was an incredibly scary concept).


Taking care of yourself is key, and something I didn't do during the entire process. It was months on end of 12+ hr days, skipping lunches, dropping my walks and now what I know is an unhealthy amount of emails! The ongoing process of waiting and adrenaline hits kept me going right up until the night of the event and right after I crumbled, into a billion little pieces - which was the hardest part for me as there were still a lot of things left to do, but I just had to drop some balls. It took a good month to get back to normal and even now I’m still making an effort to listen to my body more.


To end on a very high note I wanted to share a few of my highlights…

  • The purpose of Praise You evolving from supporting women I admire to deciding to work further with Butterfly sharing my journey on bullying
  • Having unwavering support from incredibly established women in the industry - most of those who inspired me to take this path some years ago
  • Having Praise You shared on national news, shining a light on the project and those involved including some of the girls works getting airtime
  • Building amazing relationships with everyone involved from artists to professionals in support of one main cause
  • Exceeding all of our goals - on all levels on the event night
  • Creating, and delivering PRAISE YOU

Next week I’ll be sharing real talk about the rest of my year including success/learning curves with start of year goals to personal struggles and things changing.