I thought it was time to share a personal glimpse into Praise You. What evolved from an event not just raising awareness of eating disorders, body image and the stigmas attached to how we perceive what our bodies SHOULD look like, bought with it an amazing response from the girls invited to be apart of Praise You - a new door opened taking Praise You to a new level, to educate, inform and challenge how we compare and compete within ourselves, on all levels - be it body image and comparison. Praise You is a celebration of shattering the old paradigms and create new positive and supportive ones.

To put it simply - the seed for Praise You was planted when I stumbled across an image on the internet that stopped me in my tracks, radiating body positivity, confidence and freedom, instantly The Butterfly Foundation came to mind. It didn’t take long before my mind whizzed through the possibilities and what went from creating one piece, to my own body of work and donating the proceeds to charity, I finally settled on this casual idea - a group show. Although I have shared this cause with a lot of artists, businesses and supporters - I wanted to give an insight into the two main factors that personally shaped this event for me. BODY IMAGE and SUPPORT.



As an illustrator focusing on references of stunning women and following accounts on IG hoping to come across new muses, overtime it’s made me more aware of my own body, and not in a greatly positive way - as much as I like to idea of taking care of myself with power walks and, well that’s about it, I noticed through social media that my algorithm slowly changed from muses into body building, gym posts and even target area exercise info graphics - I’d like to question why this happened, but I know, the more I started to see bodies that weren’t mine - the more I started looking at possibilities and improvement. It made me start to think, and looking back on “ideal” bodies, from stick thin, toned and the dreaded thigh gap - to thick thighs, tiny waists, exaggerated hour glass figures, holiday tans and “THICC” (whatever the fuck that is) - it dawned on me that although these are obviously not natural/normal expectations the reality of a normal body type has basically vanished, for a lot of women and men, what we see in our bodies, for most is no longer ok. Once more girls came on board I was surprised to see just how many bought up their insecurities, passion to the cause, history with disorders and anxiety related to body image.


For me support is something I hold very close to my heart - as it carries across in all areas such as body positivity and creative support. It truly comes in all forms and is something I owe a lot of my journey to. If it wasn’t for the support of a lot of amazing ladies and men, I don’t think I would be where I am today - mentally or with my work. As well as body image, like all of us in some way I dealt with comparison - bought up by creative competition I simply became confused, upset and stuck - I started questioning my work and my skill and if it wasn’t for my support network I’d more than likely still be struggling with comparison. A strong support network not only compliments and encourages, but motivates you and pushes you forward with unquestionable support. With social media comes comparison in all forms but even better it does come with relationships and support.

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