Experimenting with new mediums


After saying for so long that I wanted to play around and experiment with new mediums - I decided to dip my toe into the non-lusid art, traditional world of experimenting and... It was the best thing I ever did for my work, hands down. If you've been following my work for at least 2 years, you'd know that my work started super simple - just pencil and paper. Over the last year, with the help of a ridiculously hard 30 day challenge and the motivation to step outside my comfort zone, you'd notice everything has changed. I do have a habit of trying things out and making myself exhausted with them and this was no exception. I decided it'd be a great idea to do a 30-day challenge working with almost every medium I had in my studio. Holy shit - I didn't realise what a challenge I had stepped into to create something everyday and learn as you go was a shock to the system but I can't recommend enough to give it a try (maybe not 30 days...)

Plus side? Absolutely, Clearly everything came up Milhouse and surprisingly - my work hasn't been the same since. In that time something in me clicked and now I have seen my work and creative self evolve. It seems now every piece deserves more. Once I bit the bullet I haven't looked back, now when pieces are created I work mixed mediums into my bases. If you're like me and it takes me AGES to actually muster up the courage to set aside time to muck around, just look through my work and see if you can see the change and know it's worth the time and mistakes.

The (personal) game changers

- A new level to my work
- More confidence in testing new mediums
- Wider range of knowledge + skillset
- A better understanding of composition, layout, playing with space and colour
- Stronger signature style

The above life/creative lessons leads me to why I created this piece. As you might have seen I am doing an art class with Ironlak. PSA: This is not your normal art class, it's so much more. Not only will I be showing my process, tips and tricks and what I've learned from drawing but I have created this lesson plan to specifically show the experimental side to illustration and the benefits. This (mostly) finished piece is a perfect example of what I meant above by creating ideas around mixed mediums. I created this specifically for the workshop as I've left room to add paint pens, ink, watercolour pens and just create on a further evolved level and I think you'll see what I mean by what a difference incorporating different mediums can make.. 

Below you'll find everything I use to create this piece and almost all of it is included in my Lusid Art x Ironlak art class. I'm pretty confident to say now whether or not I see you at my art class, take some time and experiment and see where it takes your work. Enjoy the frustrations, fuck ups, mess and most of all the end result x

Art class details - "Introduction to Illustration": $90, Saturday May 20, 2 - 4pm, Ironlak Brisbane City Store - with yours truly. 
Tickets available here