#projectfulltransparency - How Lusid Art Started

So welcome to “project full transparency”. From the very start of this blog - I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, my main purpose was “show more of what you want to see”. I want to delve into a fair bit more not so much about me but about how and why “Lusid Art” started, learning curves, process, reaching out and taking the leap (which I honestly never expected to talk about). So starting at the top.

I was bought up in a family of fashion, I’ve always been creative - always drawing growing up. However initially my passion was in jewellery making. I spent a solid 8 years making jewellery, before high school, all the way through - even selling it to teachers during my high school years. Detail has probably always been my strongest trait (before passion and hard work, as I started off as “near enough is good enough”) come mid high school my work became very detailed and I was winning design comps for my jewellery. As soon as I finished high school I went straight into two years of fashion where jewellery design slowly faded and it actually led me to an internship in Sydney…

It was my first move out of home, straight into unknown territory in a completely different state and on my own. I very quickly realised how much I WAS NOT cut out for the fashion industry - my passion and hard work ethic was still there but my interest in fashion design has basically completely diminished. For a few months I was stuck into the simple life of Masterchef back eps while eating english muffins and cuppa soup but somehow I decided to pick up a pencil one night and start drawing…

Lonely nights staying in/going out soon grew into finding different photos I liked and putting a piece together. The pieces never really started out with just drawing a face of someone, it was always about layering ideas. The end of my lease was drawing closer and I realised I could be working and doing this back home surrounded by the people I missed. So Lusid Art made it’s was back home end of 2012 and it went from there.

I think it’s important at this point to point out - yes i have always “drawn” but it was never really serious until a few years ago and for those who are still finding that way - nothing is definite, you never know where you’ll end up. Once you find the right path, you may not even know you’re on it until a better lifestyle smacks you in the face in the best possible way.

First chapter done, now you are all up in the know with where Lusid Art started - Please always feel free to join in and tell me you’re story and where you are at!