For the Love of 3D

If you haven’t already seen - not only red and blue, but specifically what can happen when you experiment with them (3D) is a very loved obsession of mine. Sometime ago I fell into creating very simple crossed over line drawings. To be honest at first I thought nothing but “they were cool”, the more people saw it the more interesting reactions I got from them - I started becoming more interested in the reactions and also what people would see first, red or blue - separate pictures or the total image. 

I love the idea of finding complimenting images where the lines speak for themselves - taking away all of the detail (which normally isn’t my MO) and intertwining red and blue lines has a very strong effect - even though it’s such a simple process.

The two of these prints are available through my shop
New Found Love is my personal favourite and also the first of the 3D line drawings I ever created
Lonely in Lingerie is inspired by NZ underwear designers Lonely.

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