2017 Horoscope Series | Libra

After a little break from the blog due to Praise You - I'm back! And onto the last 4 star signs and my love for 3D makes it's way back into my work again. After wanting to draw Santigold for sometime, and having a new found love to Gambino (I was late) - I wanted this piece to be for myself and the viewer, rather than the muse. 

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September 23 - October 22
Santigold & Donald Glover

After many many years of listening to Santigold, I wanted to create a piece that showed how her music has shaped my style - the thought of this honestly still overwhelms me, as I've listened and stepped into "badass babe" mode, more times than anyone could count thanks to Santi and her vision. Both Santi and Donald are creatives, from music to vision - a complete creative immersion. Their sounds aren't just sounds, their stories take you on a journey - which is a trait I hold close to my heart. I wanted to create something that you could see in another way - and what better way than 3D? Yes, if you have 3D colour glasses - put them on. 

Enjoy x