Artwork Series: "Levitate"



To levitate is to rise above. The very word paints images of hovering in the air,  and by definition, typically by means of supposed magical powers. To find purpose in ones life renders you unstoppable, unbreakable, able to push through any resistance, pressures and challenges that we face. To levitate is to rise above the rest and surpass the weight of our own history and stories. It presents us the possibility of soaring.


“I got hustle though, ambition, flow inside my DNA” - Kendrick Lamar, DNA


I never really know when a piece could be one of those “level up” pieces before I start, but during the creation of my new works - Levitate turned out to be one of those works. Inspired by my earliest and longest memories of a family in fashion, Levitate pays homage to a different side of my journey. Recognising where and how the path changes. As fashion has always been a part of my story - I wanted to create a piece inspired by the visual icon of my upbringing, VOGUE. Levitate tells the the story of not only my initial creative background but also the struggles, from bullying in school to finding my way through this creative life, the word “Levitate” by definition means to rise or hover, and by personal sentiment - to rise above the rest. When you see “Levitate” at first glance, I hope you can recognise the heights of the piece and also the unfinished journey.


Limited edition, fine art print - from $75
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