2017 Horoscope Series | Leo

There’s no way I could go past my two favourite Leo’s Kelly Thompson and Jasmine Dowling - who also share the same birthday. When I finally found something I loved, almost everything good for me in the universe gravitated in my general direction, and by sheer luck Kelly and Jasmine were in that pull. Over the time I have started putting my work out there, learning the ropes and evolving I have had these two magnificent beauties show me what’s possible and at different stages - does it get any better than that?! I wanted this piece to be a mix of the styles I’ve been inspired with both Kelly and Jasmine as well as balance and warmth - this piece ended with experimenting, letting go and trust.

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July 23 - August 22
Kelly Thompson & Jasmine Dowling

Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous - no, not my own words but may as well be. The characteristics of a star sign have never spoken truer. Over the last few years in the creative industry those who know Kelly and Jasmine have seen them faced with more curveballs collectively than most, it’s how they handled the situations and themselves that made me start to take notice more (apart from their creative talents) - Both ladies started to channel their hardships into supporting each other and other creatives, going against the grain creatively and making HUGE decisions. They show their journey’s with honesty and integrity and taking every step in their stride - which we know not all of us can say we do. Kelly and Jasmine unknowingly helped me navigate the path to me own (so far) success and I’m sure many others. It really goes to show how lucky we are to be able to support each other with unquestionable intentions. So thanks, girls x