#projectfulltransparency - Leaving Uni

So it turns out it’s almost a year since I decided that uni wasn’t working for me enough - more than I was working for it, and decided to wander off the assessment guided track back into doing what I really loved. Drawing. I just wanted to note firstly, this isn’t a blog talking about me whinging that uni wasn’t for me, this is more a positive perspective from someone else’s path and more of a look into my journey so far and where this big decision led me (hence “project full transparency”). 

With the curiosity of digital techniques growing, I ended up on the high recommendation of a friend - applying to uni for a Bachelor in Graphic Design. With the drive and passion to learn I really did 100% throw myself into every course and gave it my all. At the half way point I started to second guess if i was doing the right thing, having started uni pretty much in the dark about what I would be taking on - I was putting my all into every subject and illustration started taking a back seat.

After some outside business motivation from discovering Startup Creative, and some more thinking I started weighing up my options if I was to continue another year and a half of uni. In the end I decided it wasn’t happening - for a few different reasons. No doubt this was a mammoth decision for me, it took me a good 3-4 weeks from thinking about it, weighing up all my (about 6) options, getting a variety of opinions/insight (the hardest part) to deciding, yep cya uni. To be honest I’m not sure what it’s like for other uni students but I left on the premise that I would be doing triple the work build a portfolio (illustration wise), also that I wanted to put the money towards setting myself up as a business, building my brand and really focusing on Lusid Art - so if anything it was the complete opposite of leaving uni to "take some time off". 

The part I really wanted to get into with this was also what happened after leaving uni. When I had looked into why I was leaving, what I had left for the degree, the outcomes and what I would be doing - shit started happening. The first big thing was hearing Stevie Nicks make a speech about chasing your dreams. I also started crossing paths with some really amazing people that had taken leaps themselves and couldn’t have been happier. This was a clear indication for me with commitment to my practice and the right people around me I could definitely be happy with my decision.

Since finishing uni, I haven’t stopped and it’s been epic. I have used the money from uni to buy a new computer, invest in coaching with Startup Creative and worked on multiple projects leading me to some already large opportunities. One of the biggest leaps this year has also been taking the leap, leaving the (un)comfort(able) retail life and going head first into full time drawing (we will get to that subject another day). My mindset is strong and my focus is SHARP, my support group is rock solid and with the freedom of not only no uni but also retail work, I have left myself completely open for any big or last minute jobs I would otherwise never have been able to take on. A big mindset adjustment is also gaining total reassurance and confidence that I could still be successful, even if uni wasn't the right fit for me.

I may say this at the end of every post but it’s always valid - EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT - below are a few personal pros and cons I found when making my decision to leave uni. I hope this helps anyone with even a small inkling/second guessing. 

- Freedom / more days in the week to be illustrating
- Coming across new friendships/people on the same or similar paths
- Positive support, embracing my passion and change
- Money to use more proactively on my business
- Reassurance I can be successful even if uni isn't right for me
- Deferring - a trial period

- Not finishing with a degree / qualification
 - The confusion of different opinions - “go for it and see what happens” or “what about your degree/finising”, “finding a job without a qualification”
- Letting people down
 - Self doubt
- Not finishing something

*Disclaimer; this blog post is also not me telling you to quit uni - but rather some advice if you’re mind is wandering down that track on some steps to take to finding what’s right. If you feel this is making you start to think, always feel free to reach out.

Special thank you to the people that gave me invaluable guidance during that time, whether or not it suited my outcome.

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