The Never Ending Series: John Kaye

I was reading one of, if not my first issue purchased of No Cure Magazine and came across this guy “John Kaye”, by the end of reading this article on John Kaye - I felt compelled to message him and suggest some kind of collaboration of our styles/work. Now that I look back years later, I realise how lucky I was to catch a mini tide and have the chance to work with the John. 

Since that time, I’ve watched his work and seen where its taken him, to the different pieces he’s created, to do lists and travels (now finding it hard to keep up), John has become by far one of the hardest working artists I’ve come across and within at least the last two years alone has turned that mini tide, into a international tidal wave. I have always found it hard to describe his style but from what it’s evolved into is nothing short of just a beautiful mind. 

I hope for the people who enjoy reading these posts, seeing John’s work and journey, can now inspire you - as it has for me - to work even fucking harder on practicing your skill and technique, appreciating every detail and documentation, turning it quite literally inside out, testing the new mediums and turning the dial x 3 in turn creating a hyper beast of your ideas and translating them into a whole new body of work. And as he never sits still - he will also probably want to make you travel, all the time.

Hard work pays off - It’s never been more clear for me than it has been watching John Kaye.

You can also currently find his work in The Culprit Club for one more week - and his travel diary/zine “Porcelain Paradise” is also availablevia The Culprit Club at $45 (worth every cent). Enjoy watching the zine come to life...