Jiro, The Master of Dedication


I’ve actually been wanting to write this blog for years since I first watched the doco/launched my blog. For those of you who haven’t heard of or seen the documentary, “Jiro, Dreams of Sushi’ tells the story of Japanese sushi master, Jiro Ono. Although the hype around Jiro’s sushi brings an expensive meal and 6 month + wait time when booking a seat, Jiro to his close ones and professionals alike, is known for far more than just his impeccable sushi but more so for the choice to dedicate his entire life to mastering his skill, all whilst remaining incredibly humble. 

With the culture of hard work in Japan running through the veins of this documentary, Dreams of Sushi showcases Jiro’s craft, capturing an amazing glimpse into how he and his team creates the sushi with amazing precision but also the foundation of dedication, principles and mastering a skill, leaving me in complete awe and with a beautiful reminder of serving your purpose/“thing”.

Although the documentary itself pays tribute to Jiro’s life’s work through interviewing his family and co-workers and simply learning from Jiro himself, the real magic for me personally came from listening (hanging off) every word Jiro spoke. He speaks of his dedication with so much clarity, explaining his mindset when it comes to choosing to dedicate his life, his simple yet almost perfect principles and the importance of honour - and all at the same time completely underestimates the impact he holds, to Jiro, it’s simply his life. 

It’s honestly impossible not to fall in love with Jiro and he’s team if not for the admiration of his dedication, at least for the sushi. For any of those “creative” or not, that have that thing, the thing that gets them up in the mornings or keeps them up late at night, that has made a hugely positive impact or like me changed the course of their life for the better - this documentary is for you. 

I’m such a big fan of the documentary some of these words may be familiar to you already, as I resonate with his words and thoughts very deeply.