In the studio with Ironlak

I’m so excited to finally share my first (almost) full process clip! A few weeks ago I spent the day at Ironlak HQ, where I created my piece for the upcoming group show Praise You. 

[ T H E  M U S E ]

Emma is the perfect muse - she is confident, fearless, and loving of herself and those around her. Over the years four friendship I have watched her come out of her shell, write love letters to herself and bring a whole new life to confidence which is contagious to hose around her. After seeing the finished piece in all it’s glory it didn’t take me long to realise there’s a little bit of Emma attitude and love in all of us, it’s only a matter of time when we choose to except ourselves and shine.

[ T H E  P I E C E ]

“Emma” - a story of full circle, freedom, confidence, and zero F*s given. I was lucky enough to work with good friend Emma and her photographer friend to recreate the image that inspired Praise You. “Emma” reflects rebellion - in perfectionism; emotionally, personally and creatively. Both my muse, and I go against the grain in our everyday life and this was the perfect way to show people our nature. We love what we do and as much as we love the support - at the end of the day we love what we do in ourselves so much, that nothing else matters


[ T H E  P R O C E S S ]

This piece was almost totally different - again - to what I normally steer towards, instead focusing on simplicity and a balance of perfect and organic flow. From the very start this piece was going to be off-centre, simple and show imperfections in a few ways. To the core of what I do I can’t help but put pencil to paper - “Emma” was meditation and love for the process. “Emma” was created with Ironlak Sketching Pencils (F), Woodless Graphite Pencils (6B) and finished off with an overlay of Heavy Body Acrylic Paints (Prussian Blue & Cadmium Yellow/Oink).

[ S I D E  N O T E ]

This was the first experience I’d had with a professional video and viral share - something I didn’t expect (or so soon) was seeing people’s opinions come out, after having 100% positivity on my Instagram for the last 4 years it was actually amazing to see how people are so open to tell the person who actually created the piece, that it was ruined at a certain point (like they would say it in person lol). With my style, onlookers expect perfectionism from start to finish - it’s been incredibly refreshing to melt peoples minds and expectations with something that’s not perfect - which ALL ties back to the cause of Praise You - WHAT IS PERFECT?

[ T H E  S H O W ]

Long story short - This year I came up with an idea to create something totally different and challenge myself - 6 months down the track and we are just over a week away from launching "Praise You" - this personal project has evolved from a group show raising awareness of eating disorders for The Butterfly Foundation, to one of Australia's largest female art shows featuring works from almost 40 incredible women local and international renown to a milestone event giving those involved and supporting a chance educate, inform and challenge accepted ideas of body image and comparison, by share their messages and stories. This literally took over my year, I chose to take this on, take it 4 levels above and take the opportunity to make it like nothing I'd heard of, and I haven't looked back. 

If you're in Sydney - please join us Friday, September 8 [RSVP HERE], if not thank you for your support regardless. Enjoy x

[Studio photos by Luke Shirlaw, Reference photo by  PollyannaR

[Studio photos by Luke Shirlaw, Reference photo by PollyannaR