#projectfulltransparency - Ideas & The Process

The next topic I wanted to cover was a request by my talented photographer friend Adrian Carmody. Adrian asked about an artist's process and ideas translating into work flow. It’s important to note that everyone is different in how they work obviously. When people ask me where an idea comes from, personally for me they are generally not built around a “story” per say more a cluster of ideas and new challenges. I thought the best way to get through this would be to break down one of my recent pieces and show part of my process.

To be completely honest, I’m definitely an insider - however in my head I dream of getting out into the sun and being interested in nature more. That’s never really eventuated. For the most part, my eye is caught when I am scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram and stop at a really cool chick, darker looks a bit angry, but not at you. I find it very very easy to match up a few girls that are along the same lines - chop them apart and stick them back together. From there I like to add different elements - I generally find them through Pinterest, seeing other finished artworks and taking bits and pieces until I am happy with an idea in my style.

To start off with, I work a lot quicker when I can see the finished piece in a draft to know I have a pretty low chance of fucking it up. However this piece was a rarity for two reasons - I somewhat hoped for the best and it was built around a full story.. 

“True to This”

This piece is completely and utterly inspired by Volcom’s ongoing “True to This” campaign - Some of my favourite artists work alongside Volcom and for sometime have felt myself aligning with them and the brand. In saying that - I really wanted to create something that, down to every pencil stroke was truly me. All of this inspiration and passion resulted in me creating; A. A 3D piece I had been dying to attempt and B. A piece inspired by the two sides I’ve found of my creative journey, being - what you can control, and what you can’t control. Every object, line, word - everything ties into my creative journey/life so far. The main layer has the girl looking into her crystal ball - looking into her future and trying to decipher her paths. The bottom layer is a series of flash tattoos (also been hanging to do them, mainly inspired by Rach Pony Gold) representing what you can control for instance - your passion, the directions you choose to take. 

Construction wise

I actually used myself in this piece - not the first, won’t be the last time. With the exact look in my mind I put together 3 images - a base of the girls head, eyes and my hands holding a crystal ball. After as much 3D research as possible I was somewhat winging it until I tried putting the 2 layers together and it worked perfectly - 3D glasses approved. I worked on two separate layers, the girl was quite simple for me to draw - in other words “I’m used to it”, however I took a much larger leap in adding patterns, typography and objects. As I mentioned working on two separate layers, I was working that way to make sure everything always aligned with each other to make sure specific pieces matched each other. After finishing the two I scanned them in, starting in B/W and fiddled with the colours until I was happy - and Voila! (Before and after below - let this play with your eyes v). * I had added some extra progress photos down below if you missed them on IG.

As long winded as this seems I hope I have explained my process somewhat clearly - I will continue to push myself, playing with patterns, colours and styles and in tandem journaling it for you to see along the way. I feel ideas and full concepts come in waves for me in 3 stages: Nothing seems to fit together, Flowing with ideas - positive vibes for everyone, So many ideas to comb through they just get tangled. It used to stress me out finding ideas but now it’s just a matter of catching the right wave (again something I have never done in real life). 

As always - I would love to know what you want to hear about, and even better your process!