Artwork Series: "Hunger"



When you discover the thing, the only thing, that makes your pulse rise and your heart beat; you run with it. You have it in your sights and nothing will stand in your way. There is a look in your eyes. That look is the manifestation of that drive. Once you have uncovered what fuels to your hunger, you never lose sight of it. You are consumed. The early mornings and late nights; once obstacles have ceased to matter. You have changed. You push yourself further than you thought possible. You are running, flowing and evolving. Your path of discovery, of self, of creativity in the pursuit of your goal is enabled by tapping into your passion.

The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is HUNGER. And you will see in the eyes of those who are driven by the hunger to succeed.


Hunger was created to illustrate what finding my purpose (or “thing”) has brought to life in me. Although I’ve always been a go-getter, I can’t remember a time before drawing that I was this incredibly passionate. Hunger is truly a celebration of the possibilities that finding your purpose can bring, as finding mine - simple changed the course of my life. Choices you easily make, once looked at like sacrifice, the constant reward of seeing growth and best of all sharing this journey that never seems to lose its “new-ness” or shine as it continue to evolve and surprise you. Once you find it, it’s incredibly hard to shake - but who would want to?


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