Hitting the halfway mark on a year long series (And why you should do it)


I had recently come across a quote again that I had seen and loved in the past, “When you do things from your soul, other people really dig that shit”. So, what do you create that comes from the deepest part of your soul? Do you show it enough? Maybe it’s time to bare more of your soul in a series like this…

My style and inspiration to me, is like a fingerprint*, it’s my signature. It evolves over time but always continues to be ME and after reaching the halfway mark with my horoscope series, I started reflecting on how the pieces have differed and after an already big year of lessons I’ve seen my work evolve right in front of my very eyes.

Part of committing to my horoscope series was knowing some months may be better than others (and being ok with that), and after the last few weeks of looking back on my horoscope series and looking ahead into my future pieces, I had started to notice a change in my work. After seeing how my style was evolving on what I would call my “core inspirations” (music and fashion) I realised how important it was to embrace this change.

Month by month I’ve been matching different personalities with new styles/layouts and ideas to create a piece inspired by the traits of a matching star sign and subject. I think this has been the most rewarding body of work because every piece has been created on a deeply personal level but finished with layers of ideas that are almost totally unknown to my work such as clothing patterns, cut outs, painted plastic and digital exploration. As a result, my horoscope series has helped me rethink my work and was part of the reason I revisited my “why”, with Lusid Art. 

Yes, a year long series is a long commitment - but done right (by planning and creating ahead to relieve pressure) will bring elevation and new life to your work (which we all want to see right?). While you think about what you could create for 12 months and bring into a series, think about the quote and what digging deeper to your soul will bring to your work...

See the full series (so far) HERE & shop HERE - Gemini to come next week

*Fun fact: An ear is just like a fingerprint, not one person has the same shape ear.