You're my Go-To

If you hadn’t noticed last month there was a little change of pace - I went from curvy bodies - to curves of fruits. I’ve always liked to keep it interesting so I decided after my love for Go-To for many reasons to just have fun with it. Normally when testing the mic you have a few 1, 2’s to check it’s on… I ended up belting out (not that I shoulld/will ever sing) a full ballad love series of fruits, nuts, grains and flowers - you name it I drew it. Apart from the odd 3 hr fig, it was an epic expedition.

For those new to the world of skincare - Zoe Foster-Blake did extensive research in not only skincare but makeup of all brands looking into what we put on our skin - good and bad. As a result of all these finding, Zoe put together her own collection of superbly well thought-out products, packaged in beautifully simple peachy packaging and finished off with bad mum (and even dad jokes). 

I was inspired specifically by Go-To because it’s been done so well from inside out quite simply. Enjoy the result of peachy keen, ingredient inspired lovefest.