Good luck, You’re gonna need it.

Meet Grace. She’s watching you, quietly testing your limits - she knows the buttons to push. 

Grace and I crossed paths a few months ago, and have had only love for each other since that day. I was looking for someone with a dusty, dirty sparkle in their eye, rough around the edges but a clear plan. Cheek but not rude. Grace was a new challenge as I wanted to bring extra colour to her world - she was a cowgirl, I wanted to take her back into her element - from a blank white wall I led her into the digi desert, surrounded by (handcrafted) pricks and protected by air heroes. 

Grace is for the daring, the lone ranger that wants some company and the misunderstood - If you tick any or all of the boxes, shop here to make Grace a part of your life or escape into hers.

Listen | Look | Learn - more about Grace below.