#projectfulltransparency - Ain't nothing but a goal digger

I’m just about to get my self into gear pre-new year so I thought what better way to end a year than to talk about setting and kicking goals. If you haven’t somehow noticed - I’m pretty friggin driven. Goal set = goal kicked. Most of my friends know me as “always doing something” and in saying that I thought I would share some practical things that have helped me along the way to kicking medium through to killa killa goals.

I like to think big - at first it was daunting, I started thinking “I’m not big enough for that yet” or “my work isn’t there yet” - but thinking big doesn’t mean starting straight away. It’s about putting pen to paper - setting out some big future goals and breaking them down into smaller steps. Every 6 months (mostly more) I sit myself down, see where I am and what I’ve already achieved, go back to my big goals and pick the next one I’m ready for. 

From there I start breaking down that big end goal into more “realistic”steps I can start doing asap - as simple as building a reference or drawing, not every step will be huge like pitching the final product. With those broken down goals I set a deadline and I start plotting the steps into a timeline - every goal will have different timelines obviously. I have a generally equal amount of goals that are smaller - (weekly/fortnightly), medium (monthly), projects (quarterly/6 month). 

To keep on top of it I find it really important to set aside time at the beginning or end of my week to re-evaluate where I am and what I’ve crossed off, and if things need to be moved around. I also find myself scribbling down ideas, writing stuff down in my computer and coming back to it with a fresh mind to sort the important bits from the filler words. Depending on your goals and friends it can’t hurt to share your idea to a close friend and get some extra input or ideas also.

At the end of the day this takes work - I haven’t met all my goals, but I’ve made up for the lost ones in others and I’m only just starting. As serious are you are about your work be ready for anything but stay focused for the end goal.



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