#projectfulltransparency - Get rich or create try’n

Have you ever noticed the difference between earning money in a 9-5 job (that you hate), compared to the pay off with taking the leap on something you love? Something I don’t really see with the creative journeys getting shared is much money talk, let’s be honest - it’s important to us. Whether you strive for a certain lifestyle or just use the money to pay off essentials - money is an important factor. Especially in the line of work and direction, I’ve chosen to go in, like many other brave soldiers, earning money from our passion and being on top of the numbers is just something we have to be aware of and work towards. With money and freelancing also comes negativity and stress - BUT, I want to shine the light on my absolute favourite positive when it comes to living through your passion.

It wasn’t really until the end of my first art class when I was sharing some insight into what I’d learnt so far in full-time drawing, that this has been the most rewarding income ever. From selling $50-110 prints to personal and commercial commissions, no matter what the amount is and when it comes through - I’ve never felt so much satisfaction with money.  "Payday" is always a good day but after stepping into the unknown alongside a few other daring friends, I started to notice a few things. Taking the leap, not only a big talking point but more so a big decision and everyone knows - with that comes risk. You can only try and prepare yourself so much, but the best thing that I never knew was coming, was somehow loving that although, sweet drop in consistent pay - would be SO MUCH more rewarding. Another thing my friend Vanessa and I realised was although mostly unspoken, taking the leap still requires help sometimes (which is never a bad thing). Whether it's a small monthly income and having savings like myself, to working 1-2 days a week remotely - to eliminate the stress and create amazing work help is only going to benefit you.

I also wanted to share an amazing resource recommended to me, "Overcoming Underearning" the book all about money - mainly, your mindset with money and the difference that changing that mindset can make on not only your bank account but your life. So before the standard thoughts of living off your dream may mean you can't afford.. life,  think about - how to work around it, with help and also how rewarding that pay will be when you have done it through what you love most.