2017 Horoscope Series | Gemini

"Can't pick a side the gemini" - Kendrick Lamar.

Five star signs down, seven to go and I'm already certain this is one of the best ideas I've ever had. I've been absolutely hanging to release this piece - my first diptych set, as a nod to the double-sided star sign we know as, Gemini. This piece has taken the cake for my favourite creation (so far...) featuring King Kendrick, Prince and Stevie Nicks. I decided with this month, instead of talking about how I created this piece - I wanted to shine all of the light on why I created this piece. Something I have based my series off entirely is people who I'm influenced by and these three, have all played a part in adding fuel to that passionate fire of mine.

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May 21 - June 20
Kendrick Lamar, Prince, Stevie Nicks

It's pretty easy to see on the surface why I chose to feature these three but they just aren't any three...

Kendrick; I'm obsessed - it's no secret. I fucking love Kendrick Lamar beyond formable words. I've been lucky enough to see Lamar live a handful of times and my love for his has grown uncontrollably because of that. Not only is Lamar a turning point in music and telling a story but Lamar creates in a way that is well thought out, correct and respectful to his cause and detailed - every time I've seen him play he has not just played but created an experience, which is something I've taken and bought into my creative world. A piece isn't a piece - it's an experience.

Prince; Yes, we lost a lot of amazing idols in a short amount of time and the day we lost Prince, it hit me hard. Seeing someone be so comfortable and open with themselves to share it with the world unapologetically and most of all leaving an impact on the world for that reason, reminding the world to be exactly who they were and nothing less. Everyone remembers Prince for different reasons because he had so many facets and touched people in so many different ways.

Stevie; Just after I decided to quit Uni, I saw Fleetwood Mac and did not expect the moment that is now tattooed on my brain. Stevie Nicks introduced "Gypsy" and explained how the song was inspired by the start of her journey standing in the store Velvet Underground, where her idols had stood before her. She spoke about reaching for the stars and never letting anyone stop you or take what you have earned away from you. She finished with that they are living proof of what's possible. By far one of the most amazing 5 minutes of my life and something that will remain as a moment meant for me.

So.. I think you get why I drew these three now and put everything I had into this piece... "Don't let them get in your way, because we are living proof that you can do it, if you just put your heart into it" - Stevie Nicks 2015.