Artwork Series: "FLOW"



After a storm, things will stand on more solid  ground than they did before.

A reminder to embrace the waves of the life’s flow. With each wave we miss and tumble to the ocean floor, we will have learnt and built up more resilience. Never lose focus on what’s ahead and remember to appreciate the wonders that come through even when the waves are crashing on your soul. 




I finally understand what it means that "you need to breakdown to breakthrough". Slowly but steadily and almost complete silently slipping into a slump for a few months I endured my first "creative slump". For someone like myself who keeps her to do list full but always finished, I found myself not only taking 10 x times longer to action things but even where I couldn't pull myself out of bed. I felt physically crippled. At times I beat myself up but something in me kept telling myself to let the process happen. The breaking point came when I was still having opportunities and success come my way - but it was as if my slump was hindering my celebration and appreciation. Enough was enough. I was dying to create. Ideas to building references. Pencil to paper. FLOW created herself, I was merely her way of production - fully surrendering to her strength FLOW created herself as a vulnerable warrior of the waves. Built on self compassion and strength - FLOW is made for those who time and time again, wave by wave, learn how to get back up and stand stronger.

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