Everything Connects

amazing accident1.jpg

When I try and pick out a favourite part of the whole process - I really can’t. This piece is the perfect example to that. The idea for this piece truly came out of nowhere - no reference, just ideas - ideas and layers. From building the reference to putting pencil to paper and finishing the piece with digital effects, every stage was just as important (and enjoyed) as the next.

After being inspired for so long by the warping details and amazing composition of Tobacco and Leather, I wanted to try and test some new warped elements in my own work. I also had the chance to feature the unforgettable work - this picture in particular by Melbourne photographer Adrian Carmody.

Everything connects’ purpose is to take you on a colourful journey of embracing the body, (if you haven’t noticed, sexuality) and is bought together by warps, colour, skin, texture and symmetry and in result is exactly as it’s named without a certain element, it would’t be the same as everything truly does connect.

Take time to enjoy the detail and layers in your own home - only 5 printed, shop now

*top photo was a beautiful mistake/accident.