Artwork Series: "EVERGREEN"



“See the forest for the trees”

EVERGREEN serves as a reminder to see the bigger picture when we are caught up in life and its obstacles. When we are being tested it’s so easy to be caught up in the tiny details, rather than seeing the situation as a whole and for what it really is. Take stock, learn and moved forward.



As someone who has had many reminders over the recent years to not get so caught up in the doing - I found an opportunity to tell this story. The concept had been with me for a while, but like all my pieces, it came to life when ready. At the time of creating EVERGREEN, I was once again in a situation that left me without clarity, and filled me with self doubt and stress. It dawned on me that my works were starting to reflect my life a the time and started to take more of a spiritual journey in doing so. I wanted EVERGREEN to show the strength in realisation when we remember to see the forest for the trees. EVERGREEN celebrates self awareness and reflection.

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Celebrate self awareness & clarity
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