Real Talk: Part 4 - The End Of An Era

THE END OF AN ERA. Although the words sound scary, the energy and anticipation is high for what’s to come…

In an effort to give away as little as possible about the future of Lusid Art, I wanted to share the importance of my last piece and a teaser into the last decision I’ve made for this year.

After some recent self development - I was woken up to the fact that I have been SO caught up in the notions of “doing” in life, that I almost always completely black out in the process and all of a sudden I’m at the finish line, not remembering how I got myself there. As amazing as results are, the process is just as, if not more rewarding and I’d say almost everyone is working so hard and fast in the hustle they forget WHY they’re doing it - as I know I certainly did.

As my granddad has been an important part of my work from the beginning - it was incredibly special that my wakeup call of getting caught up in the doing came from remembering him, once that seed was planted, it didn’t take me long to understand that finding this new and very clear purpose in my work actually showed me how much I never fully had it. So, having the new lease on life and understanding on what having purpose truly meant, I started drawing Bowie and the outcome was mind blowing - I drew slower and was fully present, I completely let go and trusted the creating process and by doing those things, created with purpose, which I believe was the main factor to all prints selling out quick smart. I was left speechless and I couldn’t have been any luckier to finish the year off with a milestone piece such as Bowie.

So with an amazing result of what purpose and clarity can do in creating, after seeing it first hand with this last piece, I’m very excited to share that Bowie was the last piece of this era for Lusid Art, as I tear it all down completely and start anew, building Lusid Art again from the ground up! With quite a few ideas and a long to-do list to start 2018 off with, I’m re-creating almost every component of what you currently see in Lusid Art today. Without sharing too much more I wanted to leave you with a few words and image to let your mind wander while I re-create behind the curtains and return in the new year...

Create with purpose, create with story, enjoy the experience


Thank you,
From, The Visual Storyteller…


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