EMBRACE (your body) - Praise You 2019

Lusid Art 1.jpg

I’m excited, proud and nervous to show my piece for Praise You this year.

EMBRACE was created to be an icon, to remind ourselves to be proud of what we have and appreciate our bodies. After growing up and living and breathing fashion I wanted to create a piece that spoke to what I have always known, but to how I see it now.

Times have absolutely changed. From stick thin models, to the “plus size/curvy model” label, to showing “real women” and now, to people just accepting, and being - this is easily my favourite chapter yet. It was such an honour to create an artwork of the beautiful Taylah Roberts who speaks directly to living and loving your true self - no matter what that looks like.

Retired model, past Australia’s Next Top Model contestant and now Body Image Advocate and photographer (specialising in birth). I have followed Taylah’s journey from almost the very beginning, and recently I started seeing women sharing her posts and was absolutely captivated and in awe of Taylah’s journey as she breaks down those past limiting beliefs she has always known and shatters the norms that we see today. This was my muse.

Taylah is what it means to EMBRACE. We are all on our own journeys, some just starting, some celebrating and others in the trenches - regardless, right now is a time to be celebrated as we continue to recognise their is no need for labels - we are all our own version of normal, and real. Now is time to recognise, accept and appreciate ourselves.

EMBRACE serves as a gentle reminder that we are all normal, we are all beautiful and we all need to learn to love what we have.

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