Remembering Eddie

It’s amazing how much progress we make on anything we work hard on… 8 years ago today I saw my granddad for the last time, tomorrow would be his birthday and the day after he passed - My granddad played a huge role in my life, and still does. A few years ago I created a piece in memory of him and this year I thought it was time to show him, myself and you how far I’ve come.

My original “Eddie” piece, like the revisited version, is inspired by myself in my granddad's eyes and his favourite flowers, Gardenias. No, this piece isn’t so much a self-portrait, rather a nature or life to it of how my granddad saw me. In 2013, it was kind, beautiful and gentle. Now; Strong, confident, and still beautiful (always in granddad's eyes). I also finished this piece on a refreshing note with a new idea that's rippled into the rest of my work...

It’s around this time of wanting to revisit my Eddie piece, I looked into what I really loved about my work and my process and what stood out most was “special, loved, crafted” - when I’m creating pieces be it for myself or clients, it’s got to be special. I wanted to share these three words as I’m excited to tell you where these words led me to… Now every piece I create and produce (for the foreseeable future) will be hand finished by myself. You saw it in my “Welcome to the Jungle (Frida)” piece and now it’s here to stay officially starting with “Eddie”.

I put so much time and love into my pieces and make them so limited, why should it stop at the printing stage, right? If I’m going to be sharing my work with those that love it enough to buy it, I want it to be one of the mot special pieces they own. I hope you enjoy this new element to my work and keep in mind that it’s a permanent thank you and handcrafted down to the last detail.

Enjoy x
Limited Edition, hand watercoloured "Eddie" print, now available here