On the D/L (pack)

I think I’ll start off by saying this pack, every time it comes to mind - I think of “something for everyone”. For a while now I have been wanting to put something a little less limited out into the world. With the arrival of an exciting announcement on the horizon - I wanted to do a double whammy celebration, welcoming the recent Lusid Art lovers and a thank you to the longtime supporters. With some creative brainstorming came the idea of this mixed download pack featuring postcards, a print and desktop background covered in all designs exclusive to the pack. See it all in full detail here

Somehow postcards are far easier to use as decoration that normal size/larger prints can be - So I wanted to give your M O R E of them and a bit of variety. I teamed together a few sides of my journey summed up in the three cards. The beginning; pencil to paper, clean and simple - exactly where it all began. The digi age; Recently I’ve started playing with new techniques, a personal favourite so far being my new Wacom. So I collided the new and OG to bring you the digi (yes I really like hearing the sound “did-gee” in my head) card. And the crowd favourite, the quote card; I’m a stickler for putting out positive/motivated vibes into the world, ever since I’ve found my place on this planet - and only a month ago I found a quote that represents everything I have gotten out of with Lusid Art - “Do whatever you do, intensely” - People that know me personally know this all too well!


The Cassy print has been absolutely one of my favourite pieces I’ve ever done. Every so often I will do a piece and look at the finished product and think - Holy shit I did that (It’s happening more regularly now which is SWEET). Cassy was one of them, focusing on every single area at this time of drawing was completely new to me. Mixing composition, angles multiple faces, flowers and patterns all together - and was one of my most rewarding pieces. With the running theme of the Lusid Art journey/New and old, I wanted to use a piece I had already done and colour it completely. Cassy doesn’t need much more to be beautiful, so I restrained myself from colouring every strand of hair and petal to bring you something new, coloured, and striking. 


I don’t know about you - but my computer never really gets turned off. Ever. Let alone do I have the strength to shut my 4 running chrome windows, each holding 15 tabs +. But when I do! I’m ready to be woo-ed by my flavour of the month cover art. So here’s something I prepared earlier! Once again referring to an older love, I bought back another gf “Natalia” and simply added extra acidic love and colour to fill your screen.

Allllll of these beauts together = my new download pack, and as described in fair detail above - I hope you can see for a wee $12 how much effort and love has been put into this lovejoy package

Print it. Love it. Post it. Repost it. Screenshot it. Save it. Collage it. Add to it. Gift it. Decorate with it.
Take it with you and most importantly, love it.
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