Creativity Takes Courage

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Ok, here’s a question for you creatives/go-getters out there. Are you;

Option A…
Working part/full time and work on your passion when you can


Option B…
Work casual/smaller hours, putting your passion at the forefront of your focus


And… Is there any “Option C’s” out there? If so, teach me your ways! 

After coming across “Creativity Takes Courage”, I couldn’t quite pin down why this quote stuck with me and yet, at the same time I have been looking at the different paths I could “try” to take my life in, like a choose your own story. It dawned on me that although we try to make an effort to celebrate our successes and learn from the curves etc when was the last time you acknowledged the sacrifices you’ve made to make your passion your everything?

For almost 6 years I’ve chosen to work a casual job, whilst putting my passion at the forefront in the efforts to go big or go home and make it my career, and in doing so - I have sacrificed a “standard” job income. This week I identified this life choice as “courageous” and that got me thinking - where else in our creative lives should we identify ourselves as “courageous”?

Sacrificing income for the creative pursuit

Choosing to work casual hours with lower income to work more hours on making your passion your career, instead of working 20-38 hours a week and working on your passion on the side.

Investing in yourself

Working with business professionals ie. business coaches to help accelerate your career/progress. Definitely a courageous move when you're deciding to invest hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in yourself and your business.

Saying "No"

Not taking on every portrait/logo/pet portrait/job for a friend that comes your way for any extra money that you can get. A lot of the times the money "seems" more valuable than it is, however in most cases, we will always put more time and effort in, sacrificing energy from other projects.

Taking "the leap"

It's one thing to work smaller hours to fund your passion, but it's a whole other ball game when quitting your job completely and making your passion your sole focus/responsibility/everything else.  You are your own boss, you more than likely work a gazillion hours more hustling harder than ever. Whether you choose to quit your day job because your passion is finally bringing in enough income, or you just need to try it and test the waters - quitting your day job is a huge act our courage.

Putting yourself out there

Small (or large) acts of courage we seemingly perform everyday. From sharing artworks we've put our heart and soul into, to blog posts patting ourselves on the back. And let's not forget the fallen soldiers like being your own boss and following up late or unpaid invoices. 

After realising this week how relevant this quote was to me with not only the career path I’ve taken but also the goals kicked, I decided to add “Courageous Creative” to my repertoire with confidence. I also decided, that from here on out I celebrate those successes, not just as “success” but to acknowledge the courage it can take to push those limits. I'm sure there are lots of acts of courage I haven't covered, and even more sure we need to give ourselves credit for the courage, as well as the success. What courageous acts and decisions have you made recently?...