#projectfulltransparency - Creative Mates


Over the past year I’m pretty confident to say my work has led me to my strongest supporters yet - in turn the hard parts have gotten a bit easier, the best bits are becoming more frequent and even my work has evolved as a result.

The more I am noticing how much a strong support network (or not having one) affects my work, the more I felt compelled to talk about “creative mates”. Full transparency I have found it quite hard to put this subject forward because not only have I had the most AMAZING luck with finding such supportive people along the way but maybe because of my very black and white nature I have also learnt lessons when finding the right ones. This will generally be about sharing my experience with creative friends rather than an opinion - everyones friends will always have different effects, and I have absolutely no idea how people (outside of my close support) find having close creative friends.

Having that strong network around me has helped me with such speed bumps like quitting uni, my job, comparisons, communication and also generally seeing that it really does help having a positive influence around you - so when the time comes of the hard parts, it really is less distraction/one less thing to worry about. I think one of my favourite parts about creative friendships also is helping me see a clearer perspective of what I’ve achieved - It’s so easy to get caught up in our never ending to do lists - having those people watch your progress from the sideline and give you an outside perspective is the friendliest wakeup call/encouragement you can receive (and visa versa).

When it comes to my work evolving as a result of my surroundings, which is something that REALLY caught me by surprise - I found with 2 friends in particular my work started taking a turn into a brighter and more colourful light, this was at the time I had started reaching out for different reasons and came to an end road of 2 very professional, colourful, strong go-getters sharing their lifestyle and insights with me.

I think the most important part of finding the creative mates, really is taking care of them - at the end of the day, you are all here to support each other, keep each other level headed, give strong unbiased advice when needed/asked for and encourage 24/7. I have absolutely no idea how other people (even some of my close friends) have dealt with…not so beneficial creative friendships, but speaking from experience - my work has become a part of me, and from finding the right ones I have learnt as hard as it can be sometimes; not to let the “not right” ones phase me too much, not to be competitive, nor passive - but move on and put almost as much energy into the right ones as you do your actual work.

To end of a positive here are some of my favourite PRO’s to creative friendships;
- 24/7 encouragement
- Outside perspective
- Honest opinions when dealing with clients/money/communication
- Constructive criticism/pure love on progress/finished pieces
- Brainstorming/bouncing ideas off each other
- Setting goals for each other
- Sharing opportunities for jobs
- Spreading the word
- Wingman to events

Photo via human rainbow Tess Guinery