Artwork Series: "Collection"



My granddad was forever collecting bits and pieces along his travels. Wherever he went he would bring back a token, however small or seemingly insignificant. Coasters, newspapers, drink stirrers and napkins…inconsequential items that carry with them a million memories.

When he passed away I kept part of his collection, in particular, his vintage camera and a cache of lace. He never saw me draw but his influence courses through the veins of everything that is Lusid Art and all that I do.

He was always quietly present in the background of everything I have done but now, will be forever immortalised in this pivotal moment in my work. This is for you Eddie.

This is your Momento Mori




Although the name “Collection” was the last part of this piece, the idea for the artwork was actually the very first inspiration for my new works. After sitting on the idea for some time I wanted to create not only something that wasn’t inspired by other art I’ve seen but more importantly something that represented how personal my own transformation was. The memory of my granddad, Eddie, has always been that personal something. In a moment of seeing his vintage camera that has a place on my desk, I knew this was the beginning.

I wanted to create a piece of us. I knew I could “just draw a camera” but my end goal was to create a moment. For years I wanted to get his signature tattooed over my heart, and Collection ended up being that representation between the crossover of our lives as I included both his handwriting and mine onto the final piece. 

Although on the surface “Collection” appears a simple image, it was the first piece I created with intention and slowly. I hope you enjoy the moment.


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