The Never Ending Series - Cj Hendry

I don’t know where this edition of The Never Ending Series went in my mind but Cj Hendry for me was a big part of why I kept going and the way I have. I started watching Cj create through IG as early as her white spray painted objects, when I had the chance to see her talk (which also led me to discovering Jasmine Dowling) I jumped at the chance, and taking in every word she said from how she started to her process and leap - I thought. This is it, this is why I’m going to keep going.

Cj has well and truly created her own luxury empire, yes - I will be giving you a run down and yes I know a creepy amount of her journey (because I have listened and remembered everything she’s said). Cj hadn’t started drawing just like that, she went through a few different industries from retail, sport, accounting and (I think architecture) they just didn’t fit, even going to the extent of paying people to do her studies. She found her way to drawing and realising she had a skill and signature, Cj was crazy and committed enough and decided to sell almost everything she owned and go a year full ball illustrating, if it didn’t work out and she didn’t sell another - she’d re-evaluate. She never did. 

The first time I saw Cj talk she spoke about “Big Dick Savings”, long story short she basically knew in herself, yes, she had something really special on her hands and by knowing that she used her time to perfect that something special and put the time into it to make it grow and evolve this special thing. Since then Cj has sold countless pieces to serious collectors and big dogs inc. Kanye, Mayweather and Vera Wang amongst other massive names. She has put together 3 exquisite shows and never misses a spot when it comes to going all out. Cj has spent the last few years meticulously creating luxurious pieces because simply, it’s what she loves. When I came across Cj not only did I fall involve with her work but understood why she does what she does - working 15+ hr days and labouring endlessly over pieces that make HER happy, and taking it into every aspect of her business and brand.

There may be similar styles out there with similar techniques - which is something Cj never hides to claim is “hers” but what makes her brand and work stand out is her. She is a testament to going hard, practicing, bringing in the highest quality from start (paper) to finish (one off works and spectacular shows) and turning your passion into a career- I can only hope you see yourself in the story above as much as I have from the start.

**special mention to this video - this is 10000% Cj in a nutshell and it's nothing but amazing.
video credit: Yen Mag